Usb Trademark License Agreement
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13 Okt Usb Trademark License Agreement

By using Plantronics Marks, you acknowledge that Plantronics is the sole owner of the Marks and you agree not to infringe or challenge Plantronics` rights in the Marks, including Plantronics` challenge to Plantronics` use or registration of the Marks. Goodwill resulting from the use of a Plantronics brand benefits Plantronics and is owned by Plantronics. No other rights are granted, except for the limited right to use the Plantronics Marks, as expressly provided in these Guidelines. The logo is protected by trademark and copyright and you get a license to use with conditions. One of these conditions is that you perform certification tests. With the Vendor ID, they make sure you pay for the support of the specification. Do not translate the Plantronics Marks into languages other than English or use puns, puns, jokes, or in any manner that may dilute, defame, or damage Plantronics` reputation. The license agreement must be signed by a duly authorized representative of your company and sent to the FORUM of USB Implementers, Inc., in order to have access to the graphic files of the logo and to have the right to use the logos on products that pass the USB-IF compliance check. Non-USB IF members are subject to a $3,500 logo management fee, which must be submitted with the signed agreement and a Vendor ID form if your company does not yet have a VID. For USB-IF members, fees are waived. Please note that there are 3 areas of the agreement that need to be completed. Information is needed on page 1 of page 1, the first paragraph on page 1 and page 8 of the agreement.

Whenever Plantronics marks are used, a trademark attribution statement must be attached to allow Plantronics to properly assign ownership of the marks. The explanation should be as follows: the UNIVERSAL Serial Bus (USB) specification defines the design objectives of the product at the interface and mechanism level. In order to complete the specifications and allow the measurement of conformity in real products, the IF USB has set up a compliance program that offers appropriate acceptance measures. The compliance program uses multiple test specifications and a test identifier (TID) to track and define the test criteria used to evaluate a product. Products that pass this level of acceptance are considered USB-IF certified and are included in integrator`s ruse and have the right to grant USB-IF logos. The list of integrators is available here. For more information about USB IF logos, please see the License Information Page logo. Do not use a Plantronics trademark in a way that could cause confusion about the origin of products, services, technologies, or other offerings. .

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