Metis Nation Self Government Agreement
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11 Apr Metis Nation Self Government Agreement

We, the Metis nation, are Otipemisiwak – the people who own us. We have an inherent right to self-determination and autonomy. For too long, Canada`s colonial policy has denied this right. We have been marginalized in our country. Now, by governing ourselves, we can determine our own future and build a strong Métis nation based on Métis rights. In conjunction with the results of the exploratory tables, the parties will examine the need and approaches to building cultural links and supports for Métis students (K-12) to improve their educational outcomes. Discussions at the national level will focus on current data on educational outcomes, identifying promising practices, and the level and support for the unique development of programs to improve educational outcomes. Discussions could include the need to develop better monitoring mechanisms and the need to improve intergovernmental protocols on Métis education (K-12). The parties will cooperate with provincial representatives during these discussions. “Today is a day to celebrate the legacy of our Métis ancestors and the future of our children. For more than a century, our people, figuratively and literally, have been fighting for recognition, respect and a legitimate place in Canadian society. This agreement recognizes the right of our people to autonomy and a true relationship between nations.

We are now able to be higher, because we are on the shoulders of giants and on the threshold of a better future. On June 27, 2019, after more than 90 years of perseverance and struggle, the Alberta Métis Nation (MNA) signed the first autonomy agreement between the Canadian government and a Métis government. “This historic agreement is an important step in securing our rights to our country, our resources, our education and our culture. This is a real step forward for our people. A copy of the agenda can be The conference will take place March 9-10, 2020 at Ottawa`s Hilton Lac-Leamy and will be webcasted live so that citizens across the Métis Homeland Nation can participate in this historic opportunity: The new agreements also mean that the provinces will deal with the Métis as separate levels of government, as they do with First Nations. And companies that want to develop resources and other projects near the Métis colonies will have to consult with new governments. AND CONSIDÉRANT that in 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada in Manitoba Metis Federation v. Canada (Attorney General) confirmed that the Crown was in fiduciary relationship with the Métis as a full Aboriginal people, and stated that “the unfinished issue of the reconciliation of the Métis people with Canadian sovereignty is a matter of national and constitutional importance”; “This means that Canada has always had constitutional jurisdiction to establish relations between nations and government with the Métis, as is the case with First Nations and Inuit,” Madden wrote.