Child Adoption Agreement Sample India
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14 Sep Child Adoption Agreement Sample India

It is also noted that all religious rites and ceremonies relating to the aforemented adoption, including the _______________had, were duly performed and observed in the presence of the Brotherhood of the DONEE Family and that the donor in question was physically donated by the donor and adopted by DONEE, as mentioned above at ________ b) I also declare that I am aware that this adoption is irrevocable and that I irrevocably give this minor the status of my son. I did this act of adoption to dispel all kinds of doubts about the adoption of this minor born on ——-, who is supposed to immortalize my line and my name. ACCORDINGLY, I executed this act of adoption on the above date. Signed and transmitted by witnesses – 1 – 2 ——— 1. The donor has the capacity to give and the DONEE in question has the ability to take the _________ AND CONSIDERING that the biological mother (the part of the second part of it) accepted the adoption in question and that the physical act of giving and taking the boy during the adoption was carried out, namely the birth mother gave the third to the adoption and the adaptor took the boy as an adopted son accompanied by the benefit of Datta Homam. F. All religious rites and ceremonies, including those of ____ concerning the adoption in question; have been properly performed at______________________ and physical acts of giving and receiving _____ performed in the place in question in the presence of the FAMILY FRATERNITY of DONEE and since ___ AND on the appointment of the guardian of the person of the minor occupant of a national of ——- domiciled in ——— -. Petent IN AN DER CONSIDERING that an order of the Honourable ———— – M. In the above-mentioned case, the petitioner was appointed legal guardian of the ——- minor born on ——- a prisoner of ——-, and the applicant was authorized to terminate the minor in question, and considering that before leaving a minor, he undertook, through the firm of his duly constituted lawyer in Bombay, in favour of the prothonotar and senior master of the High Court of Judges of ——- Amount of – bring the minor in question back to India by air if it becomes necessary, for one reason or another, to do so now THIS INDENTURE OF BOND WITNESSES that the petitioner, by the duly constituted interpersonal skills, ——- attached by this obligation and is firmly committed to apply to the Prothonotar and Chief Master of the High Court of Judicature in ———-, His successors and attributes the sum of R.

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