Century Service Vehicle Service Agreement
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08 Apr Century Service Vehicle Service Agreement

6 administrator for authorization before making such repair or replacement of your vehicle, except as described in the emergency repair clause. Repairs can be done with parts of similar quality and type, depending on the age and reading of your vehicle`s mileage meter at the time of the part failure. In some cases, recycled or reused parts may be used or shipped by the administrator. Limitation of liability 1. By repair visit, our responsibility for a repair visit (1) must not exceed the current value of your vehicle at the time of the repair visit (excluding taxes, title, license or other charges). The current value is the average wholesale value of your vehicle published at the time of the loss, taking into account age, condition just before the breakdown and mileage. 2. In total, the sum of all benefits paid or payable during the entry into force of this Agreement may not exceed the retail price you paid for your vehicle (excluding taxes, securities and royalties). However, if you are the holder of the second contract (i.e. the contract was transferred to you in accordance with the transfer provisions included), the total amount of all benefits payable under this contract is limited to the price paid for your vehicle, reduced by the total amount of receivables paid before the transfer date. A copy of the sales invoice may be requested for verification. In the case of a breakdown covered by this agreement, you are required to pay a deductible. To determine the amount of the deduction, see the deduction item in the Coverage Information section displayed in the app.

The maximum deduction you must pay for each repair visit is the deductible selected in the application. A deductible payment is only required for the mechanical coverage of the ventilation in the coverage plan. Transfer coverage – If you sell the covered vehicle or if there is another change in ownership of your vehicle, this contract is terminated. You can request the transfer of the remaining coverage to the new owner under this agreement.