Bcgeu Collective Agreement Component 5
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12 Sep Bcgeu Collective Agreement Component 5

In addition to the main table negotiations, the component negotiating committees have worked hard to reach sectoral agreements for members and the five of them recommend the adoption and ratification of component agreements. As the nature of public sector employment has changed in recent decades in British Columbia, the number of OCHA members working directly for government has decreased, while the number of BCGEU members who perform work entrusted by the provincial government or entrusted to the private sector has increased. The BCGEU is now the main union that organizes casino employees in the province and negotiates strong collective agreements. [7] The union is divided into a structure of components based on a breakdown. Each component has geography-based institutions. This is the structure of the union`s components: most members of components 1, 5, 6, 12 and 20 of the BCGEU are covered by B.C`s public service retirement plan. This retirement plan currently has more than $23 billion in equity. Most members of the other components are covered by the municipal pension plan (MPP), the College Pension Plan (CPP) or its own targeted union retirement plan. [6] Vancouver (July 18, 2018) – After 5 weeks of negotiations, The Union B.C.Government and Service Employees (BCGEU/NUPGE) has entered into a 3-year interim agreement with the B.C. Government for members working in the direct government function. The Public Service Collective Agreements Committee recommends that members vote in favour of the agreement. The Public Service Collective Agreements Committee recommends that members vote in favour of the agreement. In order to prepare for the ratification vote, the union has set up a ratification newsletter that will be sent by mail and email to all members.

This newsletter contains important information about the ratification process. It also contains detailed information on the 18th public service agreement as well as on the various component agreements. Once ratified, all amendments to the 18th Provisional Public Service Agreement will take effect upon the expiry of the current Agreement. On this date, the 18th public service agreement and the 5 individual component agreements will replace the current agreements. Ballot packages are printed and distributed to stewards. Trusted persons and members of postal contacts will vote on the provisional agreement on construction sites across the province. Article 2.6 of the collective agreement allows stewards to assume the obligations of ratification vote on working time and without loss of wages. Members can view more information here and download the tentative agreement: The counting of votes of all members of the public service will take place on August 8 at the BCGEU headquarters in Burnaby.

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