Aburi Accord Agreement
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08 Apr Aburi Accord Agreement

Aburi was well organized with a real mandate to solve what had been considered a rift of the country. It had delegates who were reasonably representative of the people of the country in order to reach an agreement for the time being, until a lasting solution was sought on the basis of respect and respect for decisions. The Aburi document was designed to avoid further internal conflicts and had the guidelines to push the country to the top without bloodshed. Aburi`s document was not designed for Muhammad and his mutineers to wage a genocide campaign against Biafra in order to hold one in Nigeria. Aburi`s paper was not intended to send innocent children, men and women from Biafra to their graves. The Aburi document was not a personal document of Gowon-Obafemi Awolowo-Anthony Enahoro, sealed to plunder and destroy the Igbo Nation and the Biafran Republic. Aburi`s document was not Western/vandal propaganda to wage a justified war in retaliation for an earlier attack or invasion. The meeting in Aburi, Ghana, was decided on the consensus for peace and not on the genocide period! 8. On 9 August, a meeting of representatives of the military governors of the East, Desminats, Desas, the North and the Lieutenant.

Gowon met and reached unanimous agreement on five crucial issues to reduce tensions in the country at the time. The first demonstration of the Lt.-Col. Gowon has not implemented a series of these agreements that concerned him, particularly the one that requires soldiers to be sent back to their areas of origin and limited to barracks. Lieutenant-Colonel Gowon had also agreed with the military governor of eastern Nigeria that soldiers returning from the east to the north and vice versa should carry their weapons and numerous ammunition to defend themselves, but that these weapons and ammunition should be immediately returned to their original armory as soon as the soldiers reached their destination. The soldiers from the east who were returning from the north did not even receive weapons and ammunition to protect themselves as planned. When the soldiers of the North arrived at their destination, they were unable to return the weapons and ammunition delivered to them to the east. “This mutual distrust did not stop after the agreement. He infiltrated our relationship and things started to go down from there” 16. In order to implement the agreement reached by Densaton on 9 August 1966, the Council reaffirmed the principle that the northern military should return north from the west. In order to meet the security needs of the West, it was agreed that a crash program for the regime and training was necessary, but that details should be reviewed after the military committee had completed its work. 9.

Another agreement reached on 9 August was the holding of a conference of regional delegations to broadly recommend the future form of political association in Nigeria.