A Silent Agreement
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08 Sep A Silent Agreement

While Derek and Reuben talk about their shared ambitions in the arts and political activism, Reuben reveals his troubled past and the origins of his linguistic disability. Derek encouraged Reuben to divert his work from theatre to independent film and offered to support him if necessary. Soon after, Derek Reuben`s dream creator, Gareth Donahue (played by Paul Mercurio), is there to help him bring his story The Burden of Being Me to the screen. The film has been submitted to many festivals for its use of Auslan and qualified as a foreign language film. Many LGBT-related festivals and organizations related to the deaf and disabled have praised A Silent Agreement for its authentic performances of deaf characters with deaf actors. [12] [13] A Silent Agreement is certainly not a mainstream film, to begin with, both main characters are disabled. Reuben, played by Davo Hardy, suffers from a stutter while Derek (Joshua Sealy) is deeply deaf. In addition, Reuben and Derek are gay and involved in an affectionate and meaningful relationship. Until then, “Indy”. A Silent Agreement is a competent professional drama that manages to make its points rather good about love and betrayal. I found the subject new and difficult.

The fact that disability or homosexuality is not used as a moving gimmick has been both welcome and extremely positive, and if you can make a silent agreement regarding your city, you will definitely leave with a new respect for members of the deaf community and people of all shapes and sizes who face disabilities every day. A gay man whose fear of intimacy causes him to constantly fall in love with married men and a closed married man meet and force the two men to face what they really want in their romantic life. In the first Australian feature film that shows Auslan (Australian Sign Language), writer and director Davo Hardy plays a sensitive writer named Reuben, who introduces himself as his deeply deaf friend Derek (played by Joshua Sea.). “I think the way we used Auslan in the story gave the film thematic authenticity, and since the DVD`s release in December 2018, A Silent Agreement has enjoyed a healthy selling life around the world,” Hardy says. “I`m very proud of A Silent Agreement and all the talented cast and crew who brought it to life.” The DVD premiered on the 8th released in Australia on 1 December 2018, after their expanded festival screenings; [14] [15] including screenings of special seminars for its pedagogical importance in supporting Auslan and linguistic pathology. [16] [17] LGBT streaming service Dekkoo began distributing the film from June 2019. [18] Amazon released an NTSC DVD in September 2019. [19] One after the other, Gareth`s collaborators abandoned his project and remained without support at the time reuben was developing his new film, The Purpose of Being Me. . . .